rommon> : A Brief ROMMON Intoduction

A quick run down if you want to a  learn recovery procedures for Cisco routers.

Useful commands to know before hand:


            copy running-config startup-config

            copy runing-config tftp

            copy tftp startup-config

            copy tftp flash * Copies a Cisco router IOS into the flash memory

            copy flash tftp


            show version

            show running-config

            show startup-config

            show flash

            show ip protocols

            show ip route

            show cdp neighbor

            show access-lists

            show frame-relay

            show isdn status


Before you start tinkering around, you might find it helpful to learn a few things about Cisco routers:

Overview of the boot process:

            Step 1. POST

            Step 2. Loads and executes the bootstrap into RAM from ROM

            Step 3. Bootstrap loads IOS image

            Step 4. IOS loads the startup-config into RAM as the running-config


Configuration Register:

I’m not going to cover how to work with the config register, if your still new at this, make sure to read about the registry bit and the boot field.

Cisco 100000 Configuration Registry manual:


    Where to get more information:

Brad Reese outlined the recovery procedures for cisco routers.  If you want to walk through the recovery process, go to the following site:


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