Dive Into PowerShell

PowerShell been fun and easy to pick up. As a fan boy of Torvalds I have to admit that PowerShell is the most powerful scripting environment available, plus it more secure out of the box. Turns out Microsoft can disable and turn off settings.Mircosoft simplified how to use objects and here is how easy it can be.  Type in $users = dir c:\Users into the shell.  The $users is an alias we can type or pass into function at any time that lists the directory of c:\Users, assuming you have that directory.

They also broke recursion, type  dir – recurse, if you want a recursive walk through your directory.

I’m not going to cover how to use PoweShell in this post but here are my resources I collected for myself.


Windows PowerShell in Action

Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference

Both are two great books worth picking up.

Free Links

Microsoft Script Center:


Windows PowerShell Blog


Master-PowerShell | With Dr. Tobias Weltner – Free Ebook



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