Pycon 2012 Videos

Yesterday videos for Pycon 2012 where made available.  You can find the talks at  I picked out 13 talks that I’m interested in.  I should be set for awhile on in the entertainment department.

Keynote: David Beazley


Coroutines, event loops, and the history of Python generators

By: David Mertz


Making Jython Faster and Better

By: Jim Baker


How the PyPy JIT works

By: Benjamin Peterson


How to get the most out of your PyPy

By: Alex Gaynor, Armin Rigo & Maciej Fijalkowski


Pytest – rapid and simple testing with Python

By: Holger Krekel


Python Meets the Arduino

By: Peter Kropf


Web scraping: Reliably and efficiently pull data from pages that don’t expect it

By: Asheesh Laroia


Graph Processing in Python

By: Van Linderg


Bayesian statistics made (as) simple (as possible)

By: Allen Downey


Stepping Through CPython

By: Larry Hastings


Cross-Compiling Python & C Extensions for Embedded Systems

By: Chris Lambacher


Designing Embedded Systems with Linux and Python

By: Mark Kohler


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