Old DNS and Resource Records Notes

Here are some of my old notes when I was going through my MSCE Guide to MS Windows Server 2003 Active Directory.

What are Domain Controllers:
In a nutshell, they’re just computers that house a Active Directory database.


What are DNS Severs:
In a nutshell, they’re just computers the store compents of a DNS databse. Domain Controllers can also be DNS Servers.


What is a Resource Record?
Information about the DNS.


Common types of Resource Records
(A) – Adress record; Host IP address
(MX) – Mail exchaner record; Specifies which host can receive SMTP mail for a sub-domain
(NS) – Name server record; Delegates authority of a sub-domain to another zone or server
(SOA) – Start of Authority record; Zone information


How Are These Records Stored?
The record files can be basic text files or located in a database. Also they’re grouped into a DNS Zone.


Common DNS Errors
Resource record errors – Usually caused by dumb admin trying to manually edit a resource record.
Delegation errors – Usually caused by poor planning and documnetation
Weak authorities – This is when a computer has an authoritative rights, that it shouldn’t have.
DNS Suffixes – DNS servers resolve Fully Quallified Domain Names (FQDNs) to IP address, not hostnames to IP address.


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