Unix Text Manipulation Introduction

Found this gem when trolling /r/Programming, it’s an IBM’s DeveloperWorks article on text manipulation in Unix. Always fun stuff.

It’s written by Brad Yoes and here is the link.

Also where is why I love DeveloperWorks articles, links to other content. Here is what you can find you fall down the rabbit hole.


See Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide – Manipulating Strings to learn more about bash scripting

Database join explained

Go to the sed $HOME page for information.

Learn more about Sed.

Learn how to use the UNIX stream editor, sed.

Gawk: Effective AWK Programming: Read the standard user manual for GAWK.

Learn more with this tutorial: Awk – An Introduction and Tutorial by Bruce Barnett

Read an intro to awk

The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 7 (awk)

The Art of UNIX Programming

Get products and technologies
Go to the KornShell home page for software and information.

Try out IBM software for free. Download a trial version, log into an online trial, work with a product in a sandbox environment, or access it through the cloud. Choose from over 100 IBM product trials.


Follow developerWorks on Twitter.

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Get involved in the My developerWorks community.

Participate in the AIX and UNIX® forums:


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