Entering “The Ghetto”.

I’m taking some time to start learning the Erlang programming language. Here are some resources I collected if you want to take a peek into this warlock.

Online Resources

Try Erlag


Erlang Factory

Learn some Erlang for great good


Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

By: Bruce A. Tate
Programming Erlang

By: Joe Armstrong
Erlang Programming – A Concurrent Approach to Software Development

By: Francesco Cesarini & Simon Thompson

Erlang and OTP in Action

By: Martin Logan, Eric Merritt, and Richard Carlsson


An Introduction to Erlang (For Python Programmers)
O’Reilly webcast hosted by Paul Berry on the Erlang programming language.
I found this to be a really good video. Here are some of my notes from Paul’s webcast.

7 weird things about Erlang

  1. Syntax is based on Prolog
  2. !OO – Erlang is Functional
  3. Everything is immutable
  4. No built-in looping constructs
  5. Recursion is good.
  6. Strings are list of integers
  7. No if then else … Kinda

Linking process together

spawn_link() links two process together.
–  If one process dies, then the other dies as-well.

Process can captured and be controlled by the programmer.
– Kill the self process
– Do nothing
– Restart the crashed process

So from my understanding if you have two process linked together and one of them dies. You can program the process to restart the killed process. Kinda feels like we are in SkyNet territory now.

Hot swappable code
You can create two instances of a process to preform live edits to a running process.

Here are two great videos I found on Erlang. I didn’t take any notes on them but they still have solid information.

By: Lennart Ohman Sjoland & Thyselius AB

Erlang in production: “I wish I’d known that when I started”
By: Bernard Duggan

Additional here are some Erlang entertainment videos.
Erlang: The Movie (Edited Version)

The Ghetto


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