Dancing Kirby via PowerShell

Dancing Kirby’s are always awesome.  This one was orginaly created by the PowerShell Guy.

Here is a link his github to grab his source code.



He also did a video walk through you can watch here or at youtube.



Here are a few minor changes I made his script.  I only added two extra dance moves, added new line statements ( ‘n ) and change the syntax on how the move counter is incremented or decremented.

#Powershell Pet

$Move = 10

for (;;) {

  $Mover = ""

  switch (Get-Random 5) {

    0 {break}
    1 {$Move += 1; break}
    2 {$Move -= 1; break}
    3 {$Move += 2; break}
    4 {$Move -= 2; break}

  for ($i=0; $i -lt $Move; $i++) { $Mover += " " }


  switch (Get-Random 8) {

    0 {
      write-host "`n $Mover(>'')> `n"

    1 {
      write-host "`n $Mover<(''<) `n"

   2 {
     write-host "`n $Mover(V''V) `n"

   3 {
     write-host "`n $Mover(^''^) `n"

   4 {
     write-host "`n $Mover<( Y ) `n"

  5 {
    write-host "`n $Mover( Y )> `n"
  6 {
    write-host "`n $Mover<(''<)   (>'')> `n"
  7 {
   write-host "`n $Mover(>'')>   <(''<) `n"

sleep 1

One response to “Dancing Kirby via PowerShell

  1. Hey thanks for adding your touches to this. I really need to make use of the += -= more often. I think this is a good example of why. It looks much better. I like the new animations as well, classic!

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