Random Links – R vs. Julia, Scala, C++, && Haskell

Just got back from visiting my parents for Easter and /r/Programming had some great links up today.


An R Programmer Looks At Julia


Learn Haskell Fast and Hard


*This one looks awesome.  Didn’t fully go through it yet but it covers a lot of ground inside a single article.


Reddit also had quite a few Channel 9 videos up there as well.

Lang.NEXT 2012
Pervasive Parallelism in Scala



C++ – A Language for Modern Times



A Means to Many Ends 10 Years of Haskell at Galois



They where quite a bit of Haskell links today.  I’m not a Haskell programmer but check out the Haskell 98 report.  I’ve only read a little bit on that site before but it should help in getting you started with Haskell language.



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