Whirlwind Tour of Languages – Nathan’s University

Yesterday the first lesson from Nathan’s University was posted.


Anyway Nathan is the guy behind Nathan’s Lessons, an interative tutorial on learning clousers in JavaScript.  The goal for this class it code your own programming language but don’t worry if that frightens you.  This lesson is just video introductions into various programming and has some good resources at the end.

Here is the list of the languages covered in this lesson,

Scheme, Go, OCaml, and Prolog.  None of which I’ve ever coded in before but that’s ok.  It’s fun to take a look on how other languages solve problems.  Something difficult in one language can some times be trivial issue in another language.

For the homework I guess I can kill to birds with one stone.  I’ve been thinking about doing a simple socket programming  in Python using coroutine functions.  Later tonight I’ll try coding it but the program shouldn’t take too long  complete since you can just hammer out code in Python.  If your interested in Python check out David Beazley’s mind blowing talks on generator and coroutine functions.



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