Constructors Brief Overview

This is a quick overview on constructors. Constructors instantiate objects and are created in a similar fashion across different languages.

This example is a constructor for a Java object. Calling will display the string “Bar”.

class FooBar{
  String foo;

  public FooBar(){
    foo = "Bar";

Next stop, Python. A constructor in Python is written with __init__ method.

class FooBar:
  def __init__(self): = "Bar"

Like in python everything in PowerShell is an object and they have constuctors too. This is how you can code one.

$FooBar = @{ foo = 'bar'}

The last example is this FooBar object coded in c++. Besides defining a constructor you can also create a destructor. If you couldn’t guess a destructor handles how the object will be delete. To be honest I haven’t coded C++ in awhile and this one might have some errors. Later today, I’ll quickly try creating this FooBar object together and check how close I’m getting this one write.

class FooBar {
  string foo;

  foo = "Bar";

  delete foo;

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