Imagine Editing with Gimp

I’m not a graphic artist but I can work well inside boxes.  I didn’t really like the my old header for this site so I’ve decided to quickly through together this one using Gimp.  Gimp is a free GNU image editor and it’s pretty powerful.  This post isn’t a tutorial on how to use but if you’re interested to spend a few minutes just playing around with it and you can pick it pretty quickly.  The header I made only took about 2 minutes to put together, thanks to  Deviantart is a wide collection of images and here are ones I put together to make this header.

Texture 273

By Sirius-sdz

Chibi Ratdragon

By *Sunimo

Here is the header I made using both images.  I’ve might add onto later, it feels like there is wasted space on the left side.  I just don’t like any extra clutter so I’m leaving it open for the time being.  Anyway, I’m naming this dragon Aho.

Note: I’ve added Meta Knight into the mix.  Sorry knights of lambda, artists don’t care about you, Haters gonna hate.

Meta Knight
By ~pnutink


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