Drawing Lines Onto HTML5 Canvas

There are a few things I want to quickly fix on my Sierpinski triangle JavaScript. I reworked how I drew the triangle onto the canvas this morning and I like how it turned out. Next I’m going to attempt to dynamically plot an equilateral triangle onto the canvas.

var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');
var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
     - Draws a triangle from three given points.
     - Is able to a set fill color.
     - Is able to a set line color.
     - Is able to a set line width. 
function draw( pointA, pointB, pointC, fillStyle, strokeStyle, lineWidth ){

	// Setting start point
	context.moveTo( pointA.x, pointA.y );

	// Connecting the points
	context.lineTo( pointB.x, pointB.y );
	context.lineTo( pointC.x, pointC.y );
	context.lineTo( pointA.x, pointA.y );
	// Line style variables may be false 
	if( fillStyle != false ){
		context.fillStyle = fillStyle;

	if( strokeStyle != false )
		context.strokeStyle = strokeStyle;

	if( lineWidth != false )
		context.lineWidth = lineWidth;

	// Draws the line

draw( {x: 20, y: 20}, {x:20, y:60}, {x:60, y:20}, false, false, false );

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