The Self-Learner Resources on Web Development

I recently put together a list of resources on some resources I found useful when teaching myself JavaScript and HTML.

CS 50
This is one of my personal favorites.  CS 50 is Harvard’s introductory course to computer science.  They cover a large amount of ground (C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML) and the lectures are easy to follow.  David Malan is a great teacher, plus the videos support a hyperlink transcript so you can easily skip around if you’re re-watching them.  Also if you use think link you find the other courses David teaches that are on OpenCourseWare. He also has a class on making dynamic website with Java that’s pretty good you’re ever interested.

MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT makes a good section of their class publicly available.  I learned a lot of random awesome stuff there and it’s a great place to visit if you have some free time and want to learn something new.   As for programming, I would recommend Structures of Interpretation of Computer Programs, taught by Abelson and Sussman.  The class was taped in 1986, I believe, but it’s an eye opener.

Jim Weirich is one of the Ruby on Rails guru’s which is probably is a good thing to know about him if you ever come a cross an opportunity to do any RoR development.  He did an amazing talk recently on doing functional programming in JavaScript.  Highly recommend this if you want to get a solid introduction with lambda calculus and working with closure.
Adventures in Functional Programming

Paul Irish
Paul is one of the JavaScript / jQuery guru’s, a key member of Google web dev team and a major contributor towards HTML5 boilerplate.  Check out his YouTube channel, you he has some really good videos posted.  Here are a couple of videos I found pretty worth while.
10 Things I Learned from jQuery source
11 Things I Learned from jQuery source
HTML5 Boilerplate Walkthrough
The Build Script of HTML5: An Introduction

Douglas Crockford
Crockford is Yahoo!, JavaScript guy and author of the book, JavaScript: The Good Parts.  The YUI YouTube channel has a lot of his talks made available but here are the links for a series he did on JavaScript.  If you can only watch one of these, make sure it’s volume 3.
Volume 1: The Early Years
Volume 2: And Then There Was JavaScript
Volume 3: Function The Ultimate *Worth the watch
Volume 4: The Metamorphosis of Ajax
Volume 5: The End Of All Things
Volume 6: Loopage
Volume 7: EMCAScript 5: The New Parts
Volume 8: Programming Style & Your Brain

A shameless plug, I just started putting together a Wikia called Sugar Code.  It’s still in it’s skelton phases of development but I some articles published are in a somewhat finished state.  I don’t have anything on JavaScript yet but at some time I’ll start putting something together.



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