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Java Networking Goodness

I just gave myself a mini refresher course on networking with Java, anyway here are some links I found pretty useful.




Network Interfaces

Exchanging files


Keytool Information



Coursera is up and running. It’s a collection of free online classes provide by institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, Berkley, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania. I’ve only just browsed what computer science courses they offer but it looks like there are plenty to choose from.

If you’re intersted in this style of learn also check out Harvard’s OpenCourseWare classes.

How to Configure IBGP

This one comes from my CCNP lab manual and shows how to configure IBGP.
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Command Line & PowerShell Cmdlet List

This is just a random list of command line commands I wanted to double check where available in PowerShell. I ran accress a couple 6of commands that didn’t seem to be supported but there is always a another way to do.  Read the man if you want additional information or use Google, either works.
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Administrator’s Guide to Powershell Remoting

This article on remoting in PowerShell was an awesome read, defintaly worth the bookmark.  Fan-Out was one of my favorite parts.

OWASP Web Application Tool: Hatkit

I just learned about this one not that long ago and it’s looks very promising.  If anyone used WebScarab you should like this one.


Also here is a presentation I found useful that help me understand how to use this tool.


PowerShell Cheat Sheet – Part One

This part of cheat sheet I’ve putting together for myself.

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