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Learning Unix Networking through Richard Stevens

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for never hearing anything about Richard Stevens before.

Sadly he passed away back in 1999 but he did wrote some of the best books on network programming.  I also been browsing his website,, there is still great information worth digging out.

I picked up four of his books, you can find them on amazon pretty cheap.  They all look like amazing reads.


Homomorphic Computing

This was a pretty good read

Machine Learning Books

Today I got kinda interested in learning more about machine learning.  I’ve work with simple neural networks, done a tiny bit of Bayesian networks and nothing with genetic programming so either way it should be pretty fun.

I put together a page on this topic at Sugar Code that has a bunch of books that look promising, plus some of them can be bought for next to nothing.

Also Peteris Krumins has an excellent page with a bunch of online video lectures that I’m going to start working through.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Video Lectures

Branching Explaned – SO Post

I’ve randomly stumbled across this SO post today.
Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array

Lambda Goodness

Just watch an excellent presentation by Jim Weirich on functional programming and writing a Y combination.   I look into this subject quite a bit but this has to be most concise and approachable introduction to lambda calculus I’ve ever seen.


Jim Weirich: Adventures in Functional Programming

HTML Mouse Tracking

I’ve was Googling on how work with mouse events and found these gems.

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Added a Perl Resource Page

I’ve put up a perl resource page.  Right now it’s mostly just free ebooks you can find listed at  I’ll try to add a few other resources later tonight.