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Clojure and Spring

I did some googling on using Spring with Clojure.

These links were good reads but both written in 2009.
Writing Spring MVC Controllers In Clojure
Practical Clojure With SWT Junit And Spring


Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site – Yahoo Developer Network

I spent some time spelunking through my bookmarks for this article. Overall, this article has some really good practices to follow in general on coding a website.

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Emacs Video Tutorials

I’m trying to brush up on my Emacs skills, I’ve found these videos tutorials as a pretty quick how-to guide.

Hack Emacs

Cheap Books

I’ve found these gems on Amazon for next to nothing.

Programming Languages
By: Samuel Kamin

This one cost me about 2 bucks

Essentials Programming Languages, 2nd-Edition
By: Daniel P. Friedman, Mitchell Wand, Christopher T. Haynes

I grab great condition hard cover for about $10

All in all, not a bad purchase for $12, sadly I can’t say the same for books I was force to buy while in college.

F’n A -> Lambda in Java

Just read this post on testing a developer preview of Java 8. Check out Johannes blog post Java 8 – Testing the Lambda Water. for a sneak preview. This weekend I’ll going to try getting the developer preview and have some fun with closures.

TimSort Source Code in Java

This was an pretty interesting read,
TimSort is a stable form of merge-sort algorithm invented by Tim Peters.  Tim orginal wrote the sorting algorithm for the python language and was ported into the Java language by Josh Bloch.

Sorting Out Sorting

This should be a fun video to watch when I get back home.