Great read on concurrency and Erlang

Google rewarded me today with this article written by Joe Armstrong, What’s all this fuss about Erlang?. It’s chucked filled with great information and additional resources. I also took a peek at his PhD thesis, worth taking a look at if you have the time.


F’n A -> Lambda in Java

Just read this post on testing a developer preview of Java 8. Check out Johannes blog post Java 8 – Testing the Lambda Water. for a sneak preview. This weekend I’ll going to try getting the developer preview and have some fun with closures.

TimSort Source Code in Java

This was an pretty interesting read,
TimSort is a stable form of merge-sort algorithm invented by Tim Peters.  Tim orginal wrote the sorting algorithm for the python language and was ported into the Java language by Josh Bloch.

Sorting Out Sorting

This should be a fun video to watch when I get back home.

Under Construction

I started putting together this site while I was unemployed with out much foresight on what I wanted to publish or how to organized the content.  As you can see know it gotten pretty bloated.
I’m going to start taking a hatchet hopefully pretty soon and start cleaning this mess up and start off loading some buried content that’s probably better suited on my new Wikia Sugar Code.  The goal of Sugar Code is to focused around a few of the things I learned.  I don’t want to included everything need to understand a programming language for two reasons.  One it would take more time I would like to invest into Sugar Code and second it would make it harder for highlight certain facets of a language that are extremely useful to be able to use.

For example, I recently learned about Linq in C# and spent awhile researching and playing around with it.  C# is still new to me but I like knowing how to use powerful tools like expression trees.  I would rather just write fewer articles that cover concepts like on Linq then covering over 15 or 20 common topics like file i/o, which is already extensively covered by better trained professionals.
Sugar Code is still an incomplete mess as well but it should be easier to setup an organize site than using nested pages on WordPress.  I’ll right now I’m think about just post about a few of the things I’m looking into and share the bread crumbs.

I’m also thinking about hosting my own site. If that ever gets off the ground then I’ll probably axe Sugar Code and BetaMoore.

Uses of Else in Python

I found this blog post post by Amir Rachum posted on /r/programming. I didn’t know you could use “else” after for or while loop statements or even after a catch statement.

Tamagotchi + Eclipse = TDGotchi

Happy Prog made an Eclipse plugin called TDGotchi. I’m on the fence if this is good or bad thing for TDD coding practices. I’ll probably start refactoring more than I should just be make my TDGotchi happy.