Python Essential Reference, 4th Edition
By: David Breazley, DaBeaz

I enjoyed this one a lot. This book isn’t filled with Fibonacci generators and I haven’t found anyone else with a better understanding of files than David.

Core Python Programming, 2nd Edition
By: Wesley Chun

This is one the best free e-books available and there isn’t’ any reason if you work with Python not to have this. On a side note, I hear he is about to make his code to generate PowerPoint from plain text open source soon.

Dive Into Python
By: Mark Pilgrim

Another great free e-book. This one is written for people either new to python or programming but either way it’s a great stepping stone for working with Python.

Learn Python The Hard Way
By: Zed Shaw

Another good resource and this book is made publicly available on in HTML format.

Crash Into Python
By: Stephen Sugden

An excellent quick reference to use if you already have experience programming.

Internet Resources

David Breazley’s website
Dabeaz LLC


Doug Hellmann



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