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COM Structured Storage from .NET – Tutorial by Harry Fairhead

This was an interesting read.  I took some time looking into working with COM interfaces this morning and found this article.


COM Structure Storage


PowerShell Cheat Sheet – Part One

This part of cheat sheet I’ve putting together for myself.

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A Moore Machine

I think someone found my blog today by Googling for a Moore machine example in C#, lol.  I will admit a Moore machine is the best kind of machine, no offense Turing and f%*k Mealy.  As for explanation of what’s a Moore machine your SOL, even I don’t have the time or energy to try present this one but here are few resources to get you going.

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SlimDX Resources

I just took a quick look at SlimDX.  Here are two blogs about on using SlimDX in C#

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MySQL Transactional Databases Resources

By: Peter Zaitsev

I found Peter’s blog from a StackOverflow question about deadlocking. It’s well documented and looks promoising. Here is the link for the orginal SO question.


MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual – The InnoDB Transaction Model and Locking

Manuals are always good reads.

Load Balancing Resources


DNS & Bind
By: Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu

DNS & BIND Cookbook
By: Cricket Liu

Internet Links

BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual
TechNet Article on Load Balancing with .NET Framework

ASP.MVC Web Links

A post from Doug Rathbone blog, Diary of a Ninja, was on sub-reddit programming  today. Here is a link to all his posts tag with ASP.MVC, http://www.diaryofaninja.com/tag/asp.net-mvc. Continue reading