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Dive Into PowerShell: Part 2 – Backpacking

Today I found a great PowerShell script posted by Raymund Macaalay, so I decided to write this post on the importance of community learning.  The script was an answer to a Stack Overflow question on how to remove a large set of users from a domain, with each user having their own active directory.  Doing this manually would be a waste of time and why not make a simple script that can do it for you.  Online communities are great for this reason, you randomly learn new things constantly.

There are too many types of online communities to cover them all but, Stack Overflow, Reddit, IBM’s DeveloperWorks, Effbot, and individual developers are good sources of information.  Also you can never go wrong with mailing lists.

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Dive Into PowerShell: Part One – Using Help

Using the built in help is a great way to figure out how to use PowerShell. This post will cover how to use the built in help function and learn more about arrays and hash tables in the process. Continue reading

Dive Into PowerShell

PowerShell been fun and easy to pick up. As a fan boy of Torvalds I have to admit that PowerShell is the most powerful scripting environment available, plus it more secure out of the box. Turns out Microsoft can disable and turn off settings. Continue reading