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Functional C#

Starting to like C# a bit more.  This SO post is a must read, the top rated answer has some amazing info and links.  Going to have some fun playing around with expression trees.

C# Lambda Expression,Why Should I Use This?

This YouTube video is also extremely well done.

Also an another good video.


/R/Programming Reposts

These were intersting reads today.

Exploring Code Canvas



Why Erlang?



Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Technology

COM Structured Storage from .NET – Tutorial by Harry Fairhead

This was an interesting read.  I took some time looking into working with COM interfaces this morning and found this article.


COM Structure Storage


Working With Directories in C#

I need to do a directory walk and decided to try coding it in C#.
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A Moore Machine

I think someone found my blog today by Googling for a Moore machine example in C#, lol.  I will admit a Moore machine is the best kind of machine, no offense Turing and f%*k Mealy.  As for explanation of what’s a Moore machine your SOL, even I don’t have the time or energy to try present this one but here are few resources to get you going.

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SlimDX Resources

I just took a quick look at SlimDX.  Here are two blogs about on using SlimDX in C#

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Tactics Sharp Quick Grid Redesign

I spent about a hour redesigning the grid class and here is what I got so far. I didn’t even try compiling it yet so reader be ware.
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