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Turning Machine Links

These were great articles written by Peteris Krumins.  I would have never thought that sed would be a turning complete language but it kinda makes sense now.  Also check out his post on the busy beaver problem.  His scripts are pretty fun to run.

A proof that Unix utility “sed” is Turing complete


The Busy Beaver Problem



Constructors Brief Overview

This is a quick overview on constructors. Constructors instantiate objects and are created in a similar fashion across different languages.
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Socket Programming Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial series on socket programming within the C language.  Later I’ll do a write up for a simply python socket program that will be a little bit easier to digest then this.

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Dive Into Rcpp

I spent a few minutes today playing with Rcpp again.  I found this blog post by Tony Breyal on installing Rcpp on Windows. Also there will be a Rcpp talk in Boston on April 17.
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Statistics Made Accessible – R

R is a GNU alternative to Stephen Wolfram’s Mathematica.

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