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Python Module Spotlight: HDF5

I wanted to try coding a python program that used a Strassen algorithm to multiply two extremely large matrices.   I my first hunch was to use numpy and after a bit of googling I found my way to this SO question.


People who answer their own questions are nice, but anyway this HDF5 library looks promising. I’m going to spend some time today an maybe next weekend attempting to code this.



Free OpenGL Book – Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming

Found this book on reddit today.  I never done any OpenGL programming before but I might to some little experiments to see how it works.

Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming



Coursera is up and running. It’s a collection of free online classes provide by institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, Berkley, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania. I’ve only just browsed what computer science courses they offer but it looks like there are plenty to choose from.


If you’re intersted in this style of learn also check out Harvard’s OpenCourseWare classes.


Threading Programming Guide

Found this one with Google. This is an Apple iOS Developer Guide on threading.  I’m only about two chapters in so far but its been a great read.

Anyway here is the link:


Also here is a link to a PDF version you can view or download.


Video – OWASP Webscarab Ng

Can’t seem to fall asleep and getting pretty bored. Anyway here is something awesome.

OWASP Webscarab Ng
By: Rogan Dawes

Yi Haskell?

The Yi Editor looks pretty fun to play around with.  It’s an open source text editor written in Haskell.  


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Administrator’s Guide to Powershell Remoting

This article on remoting in PowerShell was an awesome read, defintaly worth the bookmark.  Fan-Out was one of my favorite parts.