Dive Into Rcpp

I spent a few minutes today playing with Rcpp again.  I found this blog post by Tony Breyal on installing Rcpp on Windows. Also there will be a Rcpp talk in Boston on April 17.

Here is the link:

Installing Rcpp on Windows 7 for R and C++ integration



Dirk Eddelbuettel and Romain Francois did a great Google Tech Talk that’s worth checking out.

Integrating R with C++: Rcpp, RInside, and RProtobuf



Here is a good Google Tech Talk on the C++ language.

An Overview of the Coming C++ (C++0x) Standard
By: Matt Austern and Lawrence Crowl


Also I have an old post on the subject that contains links to a blog post by Darren Wilkinson and Sanjog Misra you have to read if you want to work with R.

Statistics Made Accessible – R



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